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Release date: TBA

Amma: Chronicles of lost stars


Enter a world of fantasy and adventure as you join Aya, a young girl handpicked by the gods to protect humanity. Embark on a thrilling journey in "Amma: Chronicles of Lost Stars", where you'll fight your way through action-packed battles and uncover the mystery behind the secrets of Dogons.
This story-driven game combines exploration, puzzles, and fast-paced combat, all set in a fantastical world inspired by the great kingdoms of Africa.

About Joinplay GAMES STUDIOS

We Tell Stories through Games

We want to inspire players around the world using the medium of game development to discover Africa and his amazing cultures. Our goal is to tell profound stories through immersive games by letting well-crafted narratives lead our development efforts.

As a relatively new studio working on our first project, we are drawing on our team’s experience and their passion for innovation, art and culture to create stunning vibrants video games promoting underrepresented cultures.

Since our founding in April 2020, we’ve been selected by Humble Bundle through the Black Gamedev Fund Program and we are excited to work on our first game, Amma: Chronicles of lost stars.

We’re an indie studio headquartered in The City of Tampere, Finland, with a talented, diverse, remote-working team.

Our offices are situated in the heart of Tampere's thriving startup community at Platform6. This vibrant hub is renowned for fostering innovative ideas and providing invaluable resources to startups with high growth potential.

Being part of Platform6 gives our team access to a dynamic network of like-minded individuals and organizations, which fuels our passion for growth and development. Moreover, Platform6's global reach provides an unparalleled opportunity for our startup to expand its reach beyond Tampere and into the global marketplace.

Being surrounded by a community of visionaries who share our passion for entrepreneurship and innovation inspires us every day to push the boundaries of what's possible and achieve even greater success.


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