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Joinplay Games Studios joins Platform6 – Home of Tampere Startups

Our company is proud to be situated in Platform6, a thriving community and hub for Tampere Startups. This location offers numerous advantages, including access to valuable resources, mentorship opportunities, and collaboration with other like-minded businesses.

Being a part of Platform6 means being surrounded by a supportive community of individuals and organizations dedicated to fostering innovation and growth. This environment provides a fertile ground for networking and building relationships with other entrepreneurs and investors who share our vision for success.

In addition to the social and collaborative benefits, Platform6 offers numerous practical benefits as well. For example, the location provides easy access to important resources such as legal and financial services, as well as modern infrastructure and technology that help us operate efficiently.

We believe that our choice to locate in Platform6 was a wise one, and we look forward to continuing to grow and thrive alongside our fellow startups in this vibrant community.